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September 01, 2014
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PR Biz Update

Millennials Are More Conservative Than You May Think: As They Become Parents, the Misunderstood Generation Shifts Again—And Their Social Media and Spending Patterns Shift As Well

Of the 40 million U.S. Millennials aged 25 to 34, 22.9 million already have children. With 10,000 Millennial women giving birth each day, the generation that’s often viewed through the lens of youth is quickly growing up. A new FutureCast study of Millennials who have children reveals that parenthood is driving a more pragmatic, conservative outlook. Yet, Millennials report that “conservative” is not a political term, but instead a shift in attitude that will dramatically change how and where they spend, their commitment to the Internet, and the social beliefs that were widely believed to be quintessentially Millennial. “Interest in Millennials has reached a fever pitch—and rightfully so …”

Perspectives from Small Businesses on Forthcoming Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLDs) Web Addresses Revealed In New SCORE Research—4 Out of 5 Prefer a .com Address

Over the next couple of years, domain standards like .com, .net and .org will be joined by potentially thousands of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), such as .photography and .restaurant. To gain perspective from those already doing business online, SCORE, mentors to America's small businesses, teamed up with Verisign, a leader in domain names, to better understand entrepreneurs' views on new gTLDs, and what small business owners consider when naming their business website. Among the key findings is that 4 out of 5 SMB website owners prefer a .com web address over a new gTLD web address, and 81 percent of website owners believe new gTLDs will be confusing to their customers …

Webinar - 09/19/2014

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

Talking to Wall Street: How PR Can Communicate More Powerfully with Money Managers, Analysts and the Financial Press
Friday, September 19

What separates the PR or IR professional who commands respect and attention from financial influencers . . . from those who do not? How would you like to ensure you’re equipped to work credibly with financial experts and Wall Street pros to move the needle on your corporate objectives? How would you like to command proven skills for presenting your case to the financial media, analysts and money managers? Good news: The key to success in communicating with financial media, money managers and analysts is taking your traditional PR and media relations skills to the next level of nuance and sophistication. In this 90-minute session, you’ll hear both from those who work in the field of Wall Street media as well as from IR and PR professionals—such as Gwen Rosenberg, VP of investor relations at Senomyx, Bernard Kilkelly, VP, NIRI NY, Tom Campo, President, Campo Communications, LLC, Rob Berick, Managing Director, Falls Communications and moderator Jess Todtfeldt, media trainer and former producer at “FOX and Friends”—whose success relies on knowing how to work with financial industry gatekeepers. To get you up to speed quickly, our panelists will describe the hot buttons and strategic issues of investor relations, as well as the do’s and don'ts for keeping Wall Street media and investors informed and gratified.

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Prime Research

Looking Ahead: Big Data, Globalization and Other Emerging PR Research and Measurement Trends to Watch—Feature 4

By Jon Greer, Contributor, and Richard Carufel, Editor, Bulldog Reporter; Presented in Partnership with PRIME Research

Just as every business must confront the challenges of “big data,” globalization and the constant march of technology, evolving communication channels and the accelerating pace of business, public relations and the research that supports it must advance to meet the demands of the day. For public relations professionals, the most exciting high-potential development is social media analytics as a source of real-time business intelligence. The data generated through social analytics achieve even greater potency when combined with traditional media analysis, surveys and statistical modeling. And when done properly, the combination delivers reliable streams of “small data” which add context and understanding within big data environments.   

But with scores of new social analytics tools launching daily (compounded by the rate at which they disappear), Fortune 1000 communications executives find it difficult to stay on top of the many developments that promise to revolutionize measurement. But how, exactly, have the advent of social media monitoring and measurement tools changed the landscape for communications departments? Which emerging trends will change research and measurement most in the years ahead? Which social media metrics should communicators be tracking and how can they do so? How should you respond to these rapid changes, and what do they mean for the role and influence of your communications department? ...


Research-Based Public Relations Insight

With offices around the world, PRIME Research marries technology with talent to provide international clients with research-based public relations insights and guidance to help inform better communications and business decisions. For more information about PRIME, email Brittany Luse at



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Beware the Dangers of Name-Dropping When Pitching Top-Tier Journalists

By Steve Beale, News Editor and Inside Health Media Editor, Bulldog Reporter

Journalists, especially at the A-list outlets, are a competitive bunch. They live for the scoop, the exclusive, or at a minimum, the unique angle on a widely reported story. Based on feedback we've heard from journalists, this point seems to be lost by a certain segment of PR pros, who sometimes try to use coverage in one top-tier outlet as a way to get ink in others.

The faux pas takes two forms. The most egregious is when you pitch a reporter at, say The New York Times, and suggest that he or she cover your client because they just got a great write-up in The Wall Street Journal (yes, it really does happen).

Slightly less irksome is pointing out that The Wall Street Journal just covered XYZ trend, which means you should cover it too, and hey, we have a client who can speak to the topic. You get extra demerits if the reporter you're pitching has already written about the trend. Not only are you touting the competition -- you're also demonstrating ignorance of the scribe's previous work ...

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Thought Leaders

PR Perspectives: What Will Be the Next “Ice Bucket Challenge?”

By Gary Frisch, Founder and President, Swordfish Communications

The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken off as one of the most successful viral fundraising campaigns in history, and a textbook example of how social media can be used to heighten awareness of a cause or organization. But while many, if not most participants, have made a donation for ALS research in addition to dousing themselves, the basic strategy is flawed. 

That’s because given the option of doing one or the other, a second or two of discomfort, especially on a hot day, poolside, in a bathing suit, is far easier than shelling out $100. Great for raising awareness, but not so great for bankrolling the organization. But just imagine how donations would take off if the “challenge” was something a bit more challenging. Here are some ideas for the next social media-funding phenomenon. 

The Dental Floss Challenge: Draw attention to tooth decay and gum disease by posting video of yourself flossing your teeth, showing everyone what you look like during an intensely personal grooming exercise. Then bare your teeth in close up for the camera lens as you nominate three of your friends to “floss for the cause ..."

Get full contact info for more than 185 of America's most popular talk and interview shows

New 2014 Top Talk & Interview Show Producers Contact Guide—Place your clients on more than 185 national and local radio and TV talk and interview shows.

This new list is guaranteed to increase your chances for scoring blockbuster media placements among these top TV and radio talk and interview shows. If you want to get authors, experts, celebrities, artists, chefs, entertainers, politicians or personalities in any field into the most-watched national and local TV and radio talk and interview shows—now’s the time to start pitching. But first you have to know who the most influential producers are and how to make contact with these elusive executives. Good news: Bulldog Reporter has compiled the most comprehensive, up-to-date talk and interview show producers guide available, featuring producer contact info—including email addresses, website and/or phone numbers—for more than 185 top national and local programs and 770 contacts, Best of all, you can download the new 2014 Talk & Interview Show Producers Contact Guide now. It’s a TV and radio pitching and placement gold mine!

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Winning PR Campaigns

Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and Christina Aguilera Are All Taking Part in the Same Spectacular PR Program

By Talia Sinkinson, Editor, Media Relations, Bulldog Reporter

Communicators working with Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and international superstar Christina Aguilera have something in common: A huge PR success under their belts. With competition for social and traditional media exposure at an all-time high, PR pros need creative genius to drive visibility—and in the following case study, Weber Shandwick shows you how top brands get it done. The agency bolstered Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief campaign to raise awareness, volunteerism and funds for the United Nations' World Food Programme and other hunger-relief agencies. The World Hunger Relief campaign spans 130 countries and leverages 40,000 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants, 1.5 million employees and Yum!’s vast social assets—and features Christina Aguilera, who volunteers her time as a hunger spokesperson. Read on to find out how the team developed the global program, scored over 1.4 billion media impressions, provided 148 million meals to people in need and strengthened branding across continents.

Sally Falkow


Announcing the New Advanced SEO Writing Workshop for PR: How to Optimize Copy, Content and Careers in the Era of Social and Mobile Search
Friday, September 26

Learn how your organization can take advantage of powerful new SEO strategies and techniques to dramatically increase the visibility of your press releases, online newsroom, social media, backgrounders, videos, white papers, website—all your communications. If you haven’t retooled your SEO play book in the past six months to incorporate new search algorithms and such elements as visual content, Facebook Search and mobile search, now is the time: Once you take advantage of today’s new tagging strategies, writing and sharing techniques, you’re bound to skyrocket your search rankings. This hands-on, half-day webinar workshop will give you the skills you need to create, implement and measure a cost-effective SEO plan, step by step. This workshop is by digital PR expert Sally Falkow live on Friday, September 26. Regular price is $695 but if you register by Friday, August 29, you save $200; register by September 12 and save $100.  Go to online details, print our 3-page brochure or phone 1-800-959-1059.

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Idea Bank

Need for Speed: Tech Scribes Dish 12 Tech Trends and Three PR Pitching Tips

By Brian Pittman

Consumer tech media are some of the most popular destinations online. Almost everyone has an interest in the latest news about wearable tech, tablets, HD TVs and more—and they turn to these influential tech media 24/7 for the information they need. So what top tech trends are these influencers covering now and in the months ahead—and how can you tap into the growing craving for tech news to get your gear, gadgets and tech goodies on the radar of top outlets? Some quick tips from PR University panelists past and present:

1. Trends change fast—so tie to what’s hot now. Nothing churns as quickly as tech and gadget trends—what’s hot this month may be old news next month. That’s why PR pros need to stay on top of the latest consumer tech gadgets and gear, with an eye toward pegging company or client products to emergent industry trends and consumer “must haves ..."

Webinar - 08/28/2014

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

How to Prove the Value of Social Media to Top Management: Four Brands Share Their Strategies
Thursday, August 28

If you’re feeling pressure to prove digital ROI, then this is one event you can’t afford to miss. Not only will leading measurement guru Katie Paine walk you through her proven, practical five-step methodology for setting, tracking and presenting your very own digital KBI (“Kick Butt Index”) to management—but social media experts and co-presenters Allan Gungormez (Transamerica), Andy Williams (Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Nebraska), Leslie Drate (NVIDIA) and Megan Ganee (The Salvation Army) will also share the latest monitoring tools, dashboards, techniques and key performance indicators (KPIs) that most impress the C-suite when it comes to proving the value of social media efforts. In just 90 information-packed minutes, you’ll learn how to design social media programs that move the needle, how to define bottom-line objectives from the start and how to analyze the results of any online program or initiative—regardless of which social media channels you’re using. You’ll come away with practical checklists, timely tips, new metrics and—best of all—a clear method for measuring your next social media campaign.

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On Deadline

Small Is the New Better: Three Reasons Why Boutique Is Better Than Big

By Jason Sherman, founder, SHERMAN communications & marketing, inc.

Who you trust your public relations needs with makes all the difference to your marketing communications success. One selection criterion a lot of folks begin with when shopping for PR services is a firm’s size.

And, yes, size does matter.

Say you’re a very large organization looking for one communications partner / firm to manage multiple elements of your communications strategy. And, you need services such as trade-show marketing, social media, media relations, public affairs, investor relations, customer engagement, internal communications, etc. across several geographic regions where you do business. Well, a boutique firm may likely not have the bandwidth to meet your needs. And, your $15-40k/month budget should be big enough to attract and retain a large agency ...


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Media Pro News

Today’s Media Moves:

Today’s Media Pro Journalist Pitching Tip:

Webinar - 09/05/2014

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Meet the Editor Webinar

Pitching Consumer Tech Media: Top Editors Share Secrets of Pitching Tech Blogs and Media
Friday, September 5

How would you like to hear firsthand from influential tech editors what they’ll be covering—and the ways you can successfully pitch them? With competition for tech media exposure at an all-time high, you need tenacity to get that placement in top tech press. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you also happen to know what editors are looking for and where their coverage is trending. Learn the secrets of building lasting media relationships and winning more coverage from this PR University panel of insiders—including Tim Bajarin, technology columnist, Time and PCMag; Howard Whitman, senior managing editor, Dealerscope Magazine, Technology Integrator Magazine and Electronic Lifestyles Magazine; Steven Levy, editor, tech channel, Medium; Tom Foremski, Editor and Publisher, “Silicon Valley Watcher”; Robert Scoble, Scobleizer; and others. You’ll hear the freshest insights on scoring coverage, discover the top tech trends editors expect to cover—and how you can tie your product or service to them so you can score ink in top-tier, holy-grail tech media. 

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Webinar - 09/04/2014

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

What the C-Suite Wants Today: How Corporate Communications Can Use Measurement to Increase Influence and Impact
Thursday, September 4

If you would like to learn the latest success metrics your boss or client’s execs crave—and new methods for assuring, measuring and presenting those results so you can gain influence and impact, this session is for you. Join PR measurement expert Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research, who will reveal the latest findings on what execs expect from PR—and teach you how to prove your value by supporting outcomes that contribute to corporate objectives every time you launch a campaign. He will also show you how to equate PR outputs with sales generation—and the best KPIs, dashboards, tracking tools and measurement tricks for proving your effectiveness. You’ll come away with checklists, a process for measuring the successes of your campaigns—and best of all—how to use this research and measurement to increase your clout and credibility. If you’re feeling pressure to prove ROI and gain influence in the C-suite, then this is one event you can’t afford to miss.

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webinar - 09/11/2014

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

Power PR Writing in the Digital Era: A 90-Minute Tune-up with New Best Practices, Tips and Techniques
Thursday, September 11

How would you like to learn the best tips and techniques that will take your writing skills to the next level of clarity and confidence—so you’ll be able to apply those newfound talents to create riveting, persuasive and impactful press releases and other online PR materials? Learn the very latest PR writing techniques—including SEO and micro-content tactics—in this 90-minute advanced writing workshop presented by instructor Michael Smart, formerly the Brigham Young University National News Director. Not only will he teach you to write compellingly to the general public, press, social media and search engines—but you’ll also discover what’s wrong with the current state of PR writing, how best to organize press releases—and how to crank out media-worthy headlines and snappy leads that give journalists everything they need to file stories. You’ll leave this information-packed session with silver bullets sure to add flair to your writing—and proven templates that will help you outline and map your writing strategy—so you please both your bosses and your audiences. 

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